How to enrol/re-enrol

New to YouFlex?

Be sure to learn about the plan. When you’re ready, use the enrolment/re-enrolment checklist below. You may also need instructions on how to access the People Portal. You’ll find that below too!

Re-enrol between March 1 and March 15 at 7:30 p.m. AT

Your enrolment/re-enrolment checklist
Take these six easy steps:

  1. Log on to the People Portal, select the “Pay, Pension and Benefits (youflex)” tile under “My Info” and then select “YouFlex Benefits” on the new total rewards experience website.
  2. Review your personal information and make sure everything’s up to date.
  3. Confirm or register your dependants. You’ll need to indicate which dependants you want to include as you select your coverage in the next step.
  4. Review your current coverage. Look at different coverage level choices and the 2022 costs for different scenarios. Try out the new decision tool to help with your decision-making process. There might be another option that makes more sense for your and your family’s needs.
  5. Review and (if necessary) update your beneficiary designation for your Life and AD&D Insurance benefits. You can now review, update (if necessary) and confirm your beneficiary all online on the YouFlex benefits re-enrolment site. However, if you live in Saskatchewan you will still need to sign and mail in your Beneficiary Authorization form to SEB, our plan administrator.
  6. Review your selections summary. If all looks good, make sure you click “Confirm Your Choice.”

Hit “Confirm Your Choice” every time you access the re-enrolment tool!

During the re-enrolment period, every time you access the re-enrolment tool, you must follow all of the steps to the end and hit “Confirm Your Choice” before you leave. If you don’t, any changes you previously made will not be saved to the system and you will receive the same coverage as the last plan year!

First time using the People Portal?

Enter your employee number in the user name field. Your initial password is capital “S” + the last three digits of your social insurance number + your year of birth. For example, if your social insurance number is 123 456 789, and your birth year is 1985, then your initial password will be S7891985. You will also be asked to set up three security questions used for resetting your password. If you have technical difficulties, please contact the Solution Centre (1‑877‑425‑1845).